What to expect:
At the beginning of a reading, Michelle will ask you to hold your questions in your mind's eye until the end of the session. The reason for this is that sometimes "Spirit" has a better idea of what's in your highest interest than you might think. If for some reason your question has NOT been answered by the end of the reading, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or to ask a specific spirit to step forward.

Michelle then states a meditation/prayer to hold sacred space so that only positive spirits may enter and that she receive messages for your highest and best Self. Sometimes she picks cards from her various oracle decks first. Then, her history as a journalist comes in handy, as she objectively relays the images she sees as a clairvoyant, the sounds she may hear or the infused knowledge she receives as a clairaudient, or sometimes even smells (clairalience)! Michelle tries her best not to cloud her transmissions with her own perceptions, but simply "translates" the messages verbatim, which resonates differently with each client. She is also quite clairsentient, and empathically feels pain in her body that she transmutes to a movie screen (she's a screenwriter, too!) so that Spirit may relay how they died.

Rest assured, your loved one is no longer in any pain whatsoever! Although each reading is individual and unique, one common theme is that once the soul leaves the body there is NO MORE SUFFERING!

What she will NOT do:
Predict the day of your death. For some reason, that question comes up a lot! Michelle believes that there are various exit points that each soul chooses before birth, and that when the time comes, either they still have unfinished work to do, or it is SO glorious on the other side they decide to stay there and heal before they return to another lifetime, with new lessons and choices. Therefore, there is no point in telling you the date/time of your death, as it's not set in stone, anyhow. The point is, live for today!

How is Michelle able to see into the past and future and translate for the spirits?
Michelle was born with these special intuitive gifts, which intensified when she had a near death experience over 20 years ago and developed further through extensive yoga and meditation work. Her grandmother was telekinetic, which means she could move things with her mind. Michelle resisted her "gifts" for many years, resulting in horrible stomach issues, fearing rejection and ridicule. Once she embraced her abilities, however, they became much clearer and more accurate. She is now thrilled and awed by each reading, and she feels honored to help serve humanity in such a profound way!

Is it scary?
There is absolutely NOTHING to fear in a session! The only thing that may come up is a confirmation of a change in your life that you know you need to make, and that sometimes gets messy.

Sometimes spirits just want to say "hello," and being invisible and of a high vibrational energy frequency, they often play with the lights or knock things over. Think about it, if you were dead/invisible, how would you get people's attention? She has never met a spirit who was trying to scare anyone. That said, Michelle only invites spirits from the higher realms. And some are more playful than others.

In her years as a newspaper journalist, never once did she come across a story where a person was murdered by a ghost! And her police friends and family have also admitted they'd never been to the murder scene of a ghost. That's the stuff of movies to play with your fears. She should know, as she is the screenwriter of five movie scripts. (She stays away from horror!)

Earthbound ghosts:
Sometimes, especially when a person dies suddenly or violently, they don't realize they are dead and get "stuck." It is easy for Michelle to determine if this is the case, because the energy is so different! Because Michelle experienced a near death experience and has actually BEEN to the other side, she has successfully "coached" many earthbound ghosts into the higher vibrational light where they may join their loving ancestors.

Types of messages:
Often Michelle will receive messages from deceased loved ones that will resonate personally with you, something private that only the two of you shared. One of her favorite examples is from an early reading with a woman whose mother had passed, and her mother told Michelle to tell her "socks." The mother died of cancer and toward the end her feet were cold, so her daughter would go out and purchase wacky socks. It was their shared "secret" that let her daughter know that it was indeed her beloved mother, and that she was still with her, beside her, wanting only the best for her!

Sometimes Michelle picks up names, but often it is first or last initials. She finds that spirits often don't care much about what their name was, and especially angelic creatures don't seem to need that sort of earthly identity. But if it's important to the client, sometimes they will share it. More often, the spirit will share pictures and personal stories, nick names, and even certain sayings (even in certain accents!) that will let the client know that is them, beyond any doubt!