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A news anchor with breast cancer discovers that a natural cure exists, but the Feds and Big Pharma will do anything to keep it a secret.

What would you do if you were dying, and the only cure was from a vilified plant that was illegal in most states?

RUN FROM THE CURE is a drama/thriller; it's "Erin Brockovich" meets "Dallas Buyer's Club." Rebecca Bell is a news anchor in Atlanta with a bright future. She's engaged to sportscaster Saul, and agrees to do an on-air mammogram before her 40th birthday.

Things move quickly when she's diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, but her Senator father pulls some strings and gets her traditional treatment, even though her doctors doubt it will help.

She runs into Peter, whose lab is working on new treatments, but they come with horrible side effects. He's developed an organic compound that's helping his sick mom.

Desperate after the chemo ravages her body, Rebecca takes the supplement and feels better. But when Peter's mom dies, she loses hope again.

Her sister Lilah gives her marijuana to aide her digestion, and Lilah's new boyfriend tells her the cannabis oil won't get her high, but has been known to shrink tumors. Because it's still illegal in Georgia, in the second act she travels to California, against Saul's wishes.

Rebecca gets better and films a news segment about cannabis. Her decision to make her journey public emphasizes the theme that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Law enforcement, federal agencies, and a corrupt pharmaceutical company do their best to curtail her efforts. With the help of charming attorney Zane Williams, she is able to get out of their clutches. In the end, Rebecca opens a farm collective next to Zane's winery to distribute the cannabis oil to the sick and needy.

When a psychologist writes a research paper on the nature of reality and evolution, she slips into a new dimension and is torn apart from her newlywed husband. With the help of a Buddhist cop, he must track his way to meet her or lose her forever.

LIGHTEN UP is a romantic fantasy/thriller with the same tone as "The Adjustment Bureau" and "Ghost." Cassidy is a young psychologist who recently wed Shane, a bar owner with his callous brother, Cliff. Shortly after their honeymoon, Cassidy's vision changes. Shane also thinks he's seeing things when she fades in and out, but after they go on a kayaking trip with old family friend Syd, she disappears completely.

Shane panics, thinking she drowned, but Syd, a Buddhist cop who returns to Carmel to investigate similar missing person cases, knows better.

Meanwhile, Cassidy enters a new magical reality, a parallel 4th dimension much like heaven without being dead. Her guide, Gemma, helps her adjust to this fun world without giving in to her guilt at not sharing it with Shane.

At the heart of this love story is the theme of conscious evolution. The more Shane gives into his victim mentality, the lower his vibe and the greater the distance between them. And as he spirals, more bad things befall him, including his brother's betrayal and the police blaming him for Cassidy's disappearance. Cassidy's dilemma is whether to go back to a world that is going to pot, just to be with Shane, or to continue her ascension to the fifth dimension, where there is no going back.

In the end, Cassidy accepts that Shane must find his own path to happiness. Shane hits rock bottom and has an epiphany that directs him to his life purpose, to lead a revolution and save all of humanity. By focusing on their love, Shane bypasses 4D and moves up to the fifth dimension, where they reunite.

A gym manager attends a manifestation retreat and wakes up with giant breasts, which forces her to fight an unwanted obsession from her charismatic guru and gain back her self-respect.

THE BOOB JOB is a comedy along the fantasy lines of BRUCE ALMIGHTY with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

It is about a middle-aged middle-manager who believes she wants the attention of her boob of a husband, but truly wants self-confidence and love.

Her teacher and love interest, Christian, is a complex and two-faced antagonist. He is charming yet greedy and selfish.

The film centers on how the main character regains her inner self-respect, with the guidance of her older female mentor, through a series of hilarious scenes based on her new exterior.

AUBREY POWERS dreams of someday affording cosmetic surgery, but she can't justify the price for breast implants and a tummy tuck with her two children grown and going to college.

She leads a stressful life as the assistant manager at a local gym, and when she sees a co-worker's boob job, she is envious. When the yoga teacher can't make it to a stress-releasing meditation workshop, the boss makes Aubrey go at the page 10 story beat.

At the weekend retreat, Aubrey meets CHRISTIAN, the charismatic seminar teacher, as well as her roommate and older mentor figure, CAROLINE. When she wakes up after learning of the laws of attraction, she finds she has manifested a magical mommy makeover, complete with large round breasts and a smooth, stretch-mark free stomach. Comedy ensues surrounding her magic boobs and the reactions of those around her.

By the end of ACT 1, Aubrey is unsure what to do with all the new attention she thought she desired. Christian is now obsessed with her, and confused, she returns home early, only to find her husband, GABE, in bed with her best friend, ELAINA.

She turns to JACKSON, the business manager at the gym and her male bff sidekick. He helps her navigate her new assets, takes her shopping for new bras, and along with the irreverent Caroline, encourages her to be strong and independent.

But as she develops a relationship with Christian, basking in the attention that her husband never gave her, she ends up losing her job. When she brings Christian to the company Christmas party and sees Elaina with Gabe, she knocks her out in a rage. The scene is a comical parody of Steven King's "Carrie."

Christian becomes more and more deceptive as we learn his ex-wife is dead because of his weird scorpion collection, yet at the same time we see Aubrey setting boundaries and learning to use her feminine powers.

By the end of Act 2, Christian kidnaps Jackson in a desperate attempt to bring Aubrey back to him. Meanwhile, Gabe shoots at a scorpion found in his bedroom, and realizing Aubrey's new lover is a little nuts, travels to Christian's house to confront him. While Aubrey is luring Christian away through seduction to help Jackson escape, Gabe arrives to fight Christian. The two knock over the scorpion cages, stinging the duo repeatedly.

As the story resolves in Act 3, we see Aubrey a year later on New Years Day triumphantly opening her own gym, surrounded by her friends and family. We learn Gabe was sick in the hospital but recovered and broke it off with Elaina, but Christian, immune-compromised with Diabetes, died from the scorpion venom.

Aubrey steps away from the counter to reveal she is pregnant, at first scaring us about the source of the baby's daddy perhaps being one of the two antagonists. However, when Gus the hot trainer from Act 1 comes to kiss her, we have our happy ending. Aubrey smashes a spider, representing her growth as she learns to overcome her fears and take responsibility for her life.

Two engaged women hunt for diamonds in a Nevada mine, but when betrayed in a heist, they discover who their real friends are. (co-written w/ L. Reagan Mann)

THE BIGGER THE BETTER is a romantic comedy about two engaged women who set out to find diamonds in a fictional Nevada mine, but when betrayed, they discover the meaning of love, trust, and friendship.

It's "Thelma and Louise" with the plot twists of "The Usual Suspects."

Quirky Jules Green meets uptight Lauren Real at a birthday wine tasting for mutual friend Liz. The two have nothing in common, except for the fact they're both engaged to be married. Because Jules works at a jewelry store and Lauren needs the perfect stone for her engagement ring, they pair up for a trip to Las Vegas.

Lauren has real estate dealings with her mother's friend Glory, who becomes their nurturing mentor. They stay at her ranch home, where they meet Glory's sons, Ben and Guy.

Ben is a low-life who makes bad choices and connects with the wrong people. Guy is the respectable brother, who becomes a love interest for Jules.

It gets complicated as Jules' relationship with fiancé Noah, a spoiled mama's boy, deteriorates and Jules realizes who she can depend on when Liz flies out to help them assess the worth of a found diamond.

By the end of Act 2, we're not sure Liz is who she says she is, and when the gang literally falls into an abandoned diamond mine, Ben's shady dealings come to the surface.

As the story resolves in Act 3, someone gets married, but it's not who you might think. The happy-ever-after is the new found friendship of our unlikely buddies.