"As I was awakening this morning, I thought about The Power of 10 and their impact. What I realized is that even though the master teachers have taught all of us so much, The Power of 10 is a direct source through Michelle. We actually get to hear directly from these souls who have been here numerous times and know what we go through in human form. They bring wisdom, love, and peace. It can't get any better than that!" -Cathy Pinder

"Thank you so much for sharing 'The Power of 10' with us today. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever witnessed--emotionally and spiritually. I am looking forward to many more events. This experience has opened my eyes and heart SO much more. There is more beyond this world! Thank you, Michelle." -Stacey Medina

"The underlying message was so POSITIVE! Life can feel so happy--this evening was a reminder that this time is for finding happiness, seeing beauty, for being in high vibration. Thank you so much! Now I'm going to go home and have some ice cream!" Much love, S.W.

"I LOVED hearing 'You don't make happy, you are happy." Thank you, H.B.

"Thank you for introducing The Power of 10! Exhilarating evening....went to bed and awoke this morning with my hands on my heart, full of gratitude." Blessings, Mike Troutt

"Thank you for the amazing experience (with) The Power of 10--Sharing your journey through to us to understand the Love of Life." -L.A.

"My experience with Michelle has been nothing short of extraordinary.

I met her when I was invited to a group reading at a friend's house. I watched as she moved people to tears with messages from loved ones, made us laugh and gave us hope, and surprisingly, faith, that we are all going to be OK. It was not the ghost story session I was expecting. It was rewarding, joyful, and healing.

I felt compelled to reach out to her when I had so many unknowns in my personal life -- major shifts and changes I wanted to be prepared for. I knew Michelle would "play in the light" and make me feel more prepared and give me faith in the things coming my way. What I didn't expect, was for all of it, to be 100% true!

Everything she predicted or saw coming my way, is unfolding currently, in a much shorter amount of time than originally thought. I asked her about this today and said "is it because I knew what was coming?" To which she responded, "Absolutely. You were ready and receptive."

This includes a job promotion, new-found love, a sense of peace within myself, and last but not least...pure happiness. Michelle has an ability to help YOU manifest your own life, by simply stating what path you're on now, what lies ahead of you, and to just trust the process. It's been a beautiful journey, and I couldn't be more grateful to her, for her gift and for her genuine personality and friendship.

Always the professional, consistent and reliable. She is joyful and sweet, her laugh is endearing and infectious, her smile is contagious, her wisdom is captivating. If you don't believe in mediums, try believing in Michelle -- as you would a wise friend or a loving aunt. She is a gift to this world."
- A.J.

"Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful reading last week. It was exactly what I needed, and I got so many clear answers. It was especially profound in the areas of work and relationship.  And my mom's presence was simply beautiful. I have since shared some of the insights with my husband and a couple friends… Thank you again for your help and inspiration."
- J.C.

"When Michelle was recently visiting our Community Center and heard about our ghost issues she was eager to make herself available to help them cross over. We jumped at the opportunity since customers are often asking us if we are haunted. For years customers have felt the presence of spirits, who were often very mischievous, in many of the rooms in our historic building. I didn’t know what to expect when she arrived and was quickly impressed by her method of work. She was very loving and kind in her choice of words when talking with the ghosts. She explained to them that they were dead, why they needed to cross over, what to expect and who would be waiting for them when they did. I was surprised by the amount of detail she was able to communicate regarding who the ghosts were, their history and why they were there. It was as if they were right next us. Many times I could feel the moment they crossed over by a sudden change to a very chilly temperature or just a feeling of relief. She was able to confirm the areas in our building that we felt were haunted. When Michelle was finished one of our janitorial staff immediately said that he felt as though a weight had been lifted off of him and he just felt happier.  I truly admire what she does, and how she does it. I would highly recommend Medium Michelle to anyone who wants to help their home or businesses earthbound ghosts cross over!"
- V.B.

"Hi Michelle. Over the past day and a half I have been reflecting on my reading (and over-thinking like I tend to do :) ) and initially felt a little bummed that I didn't ask for more from "T." I just want to have a conversation with her. What I have realized is that I can do that any time. Questions I would have asked six months ago about the "what ifs" and "could I have done anything," I have slowly come to terms with. I just need to talk to her and listen with my heart and not ignore the voice I hear. When I wrote my list of things I wanted to know about, she was third on my list after "Baby" and "Guardian Angel" (I thought maybe the first two were linked somehow). Not listing her first was very surprising to me because she is always on my mind. Of course, I want desperately to connect with her always.

But I realize now that I am farther along than I thought I was on this journey of healing from the loss of her. The grieving I have experienced over this past year brought up the unresolved emotion of our miscarriage and the guilt I carried about that. In all honesty, that is what I had hoped to hear about. Your first words in my reading relieved me of that guilt. The confirmation that I did nothing wrong and that our son just wasn't ready for us or us for him was what I needed. That is what the voice inside me told me all along, but I didn't listen. Thank you for a wonderful reading. I truly did receive the messages I needed to hear."
- Thank You Michelle!, N.K.

"Thank you Michelle for the group reading you did last night for me and my crazy girlfriends! We were all touched and moved by your words. You are amazing at what you do, and I will always suggest my family and friends to contact you for readings or spiritual healings. This is my 2nd experience with you brought closure to my heart and my mind is feeling so free and spiritual and my soul feels great. Thank you again!"
- G.O.

"Michelle, I truly appreciate the reading you gave me. You lent me hope where I previously saw little hope and helped me to see the silver lining in the dark cloud that I was in, with regard to my daughter. Your insights were truly uplifting & inspirational and helped me to re-frame the entire way I viewed the deep spiritual crisis my daughter and I were experiencing. Thank you again!"
- D.E.

"Michelle, thank you for using your talents and abilities to serve, heal and lift up others.  During your reading in Diamond Springs, you did a reading for a friend that validated her abilities and desire to make a career shift.  Your warm engaging style combined with these clear validating messages makes for a delightful combination. I look forward to your next event!"
- D.N.

"What an awesome night with just the right people to share it with! Medium Michelle Paisley is the real deal and such a sweetheart, too!"
- Love you! A.D.E.

"I had a very powerful session with Michelle that cleared up a lot of things I've been struggling with for years and helped me understand the purpose of my life. (How huge is that??!!) I was able to connect dots that without Michelle's insight I probably never would've connected. Michelle has an incredibly calm and loving spirit and she was able to walk me through some very emotional things with gentleness and compassion.

My session with Michelle was one of the best things I ever spent money on! Thank you Michelle!!"
- S.F.

"One session with Michelle did what years of therapy couldn't: released a fear that has plagued me for years. Michelle's gentle manner and loving presence allow for a powerful, and at the same time, relaxing experience."
Christy Harden, author of "Guided By Your Own Stars" and "I Love Raw"

"Each time I witness The Power of 10, I am in awe of the infinite possibilities available to make my life even better every day. Thank you, Michelle, for allowing these messages to come through you."

"The growth and evolution of The Power of 10 is incredible. It was so personal and meaningful. Faith not Fear." -L.B.

"Oh my gosh! I just spent the evening with you. I have to tell you that it was one of my most favorite experiences I have ever had." Much, much love, Pam

"If you're familiar with Esther Hicks & Abraham, you will be pleased to experience Michelle and Jodah and The Power of 10 close up and in a small, intimate setting. This is truth delivered with humor and clarity. Could write more...it was amazing to get this experience." -Kristy Allan

"An incredible evening of loving energy, amazing spirit insight. Highly recommend this life-enhancing experience!" -Annette Schoonover

"Michelle was awesome. She is an AUTHENTIC channel and one I can listen to over and over. A Beautiful Soul!" Thank you, S.C.

I was very impressed tonight with how far this has come. I appreciate the teaching about letting go. My perspective has changed." -G.S.

"I've been thinking about you ever since we met and sending you such warmth and love.  I want to follow up with an experience that happened the day after we met.

My Aunt E. came to you and encouraged me not to end up like her, which could address anything from my injured ankles to her never marrying and me searching for Mr. Lovegood.  I took it to mean keep searching for love. The next morning, on my way up the driveway to feed the horse and goat, in the middle of the road, about 100 feet from my house, is a piece of trim from my Aunt E's end table in my bedroom. WTF? I smiled big, and said, thank you Aunt E.  I love having you on board. ha ha ha!

Later that day, while I was working loading old wood into my truck and throwing the 12-foot planks onto the burn pile, I winged my wrist with an old, dirty nail.  And I heard, in my head, the voice of the second person who came to you the day before-- the older, robust man in suspenders who told you to tell me to "act fast." I repeated it out loud. Act fast.  I immediately went into the house and scrubbed the wound clean, made it bleed clean blood, then hydrogen peroxided the heck out of it. I understood exactly what he meant as soon as it happened.

In a sense, you covered a couple of angles by relaying messages from my family tree; keep looking for love, and act quickly on my injury. I just loved how quickly, helpful and responsive my spirits are, and that you are in my life to help them reach me. Love you, and thank you!"
- J.E.M.

"Hi Michelle. Our company is in the flow! Since you were here, a BIG payment was received, and we learned that we can tax write-off some significant expenses. Our accounting manager even remember to thank "the girls." [Two young female earthbound ghosts who I crossed into the Light, then asked to protect and assist a shipment that had some energy blocks.] No surprise to you, but fun to hear!"

"You came to my friend's home for a private event on Thursday. I was apprehensive to attend -- I didn't think I would need to connect with anyone on the other side, or I didn't feel they would come through. I have seen several intuitives, and my beloved Grandmother and Nana never contacted me. So when you began to describe things only I would know about them, I realized they were with me all of the time! I thank you for that experience and to learn I am never alone, they are always with me in spirit."
- Thank you, S.J.


"Yesterday in Corona, you were able to bring my mother Mary and my dad through. I wanted to thank you for your insight and gift. I am very grateful that I was able to connect with them.  I also won one of your books "All in Her Head," and am looking forward to reading it.  Thank you so much for everything. Have a Blessed Day!"
- Love, V.B.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening Saturday. Girl...you are light! Loved loved loved the experience. When you spoke of earthbound spirits weighing heavy it all made sense. I have been SO heavy in the shoulders for years. I've been working with my mom. Forgiving. Surrendering. Letting go of guilt.

Slept crazy good the last couple nights. (I usually don't sleep more than 2-3 hour spurts). So....THANK YOU!"
Be Love, N.V.

"What a heavenly soul connection, dear Michelle.  I know I am extremely blessed that you are sharing your gifts with so many.  Today was healing, to say the very least, and all that you shared about/with "C" was indeed the light being I have known for lifetimes.  How fortunate I am!!!!!!!  He always was social in a genuinely loving way.  Some couldn't receive that much light on Earth!!!

I look forward to a follow-up soon.  I've already enjoyed the recording, and love your uplifting, clean, pure energy...so very fun and refreshing!!!  That's you!!!!!"
In abundant gratitude, L.M.

"Thank you so much for your time and energy yesterday! Our Family Group Reading was so enlightening...and healing. It was a sweet surprise for all of us, and especially for my husband...that his mother came through with a message for him. Thank you for guiding us and teaching us how to stay connected with our loved ones who have passed.

We all loved the way you sent a harmless but lost visitor away from our home. We all woke up this morning with a new sense of calm and peace that was not present in our house before. And most of all, thank you for your healing. With your Reiki knowledge, our daughters slept better and felt better because you sent healing strength into them."
Most sincerely, D.P.

"What an amazing experience I had with Michelle! I just knew she would be able to help me the second I found out about her gift, and I hadn't even physically met her yet! Michelle is such a gentle soul with the ability to touch your head and feel what you have been through in any given life. A kindhearted empath who has helped me transform some areas in my life. I was dealing with some major insecurities and couldn't figure out why until I met Michelle and had a healing with her.

She was able to help me find the missing pieces to the puzzle of my insecurities so I could understand them, heal and move forward. I felt like the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders which brought me much peace. I am very thankful to have met Michelle as she is a beautiful soul in my world now who has helped me and my husband!

I look forward to my next healing, thank you Michelle!"
- J. Hom

"Losing a loved one is a difficult experience to endure. But losing your mother is one of the most earth shattering experiences that one can go through, aside from the loss of a child. I lost my father eleven years ago, and I felt as though I was falling into a never ending hole. Through the love and support of my best friend, I was able to make it though each day. But when I lost my mom, my world became black and empty. I have a void in my heart that can't be explained.

Words can't express the light and peace that I felt when you told me that my mother was in the room with you. She left us so quickly and without any explanation. I guess we aren't suppose to fully understand how and when God moves, but I know that she is with him. She conveyed messages through you that I know only she would say. Knowing that she is alright means so much to me and I only received that peace through you.

Thank you so much for this amazing gift that you have given me. God bless you."
- Tracey M.

"Wow, I had a remarkable session with Michelle this very morning!

I have never in my entire life experienced that which Michelle had discovered about me; everything Michelle said was evident to my situation! It is mind blowing how we take life for granted and make things difficult for ourselves. I also had closure with loved ones who had passed. Michelle, thank you again, and I will talk to you soon. May God bless you and your family."
- Z.S.

"Love the VALIDATION of all that was expressed through Michelle & The Power Of 10. Amazing doesn't justify how truly this session was!" -M.M.

"The information that comes through from The Power of 10 resonated deeply with me, and I want more! Whether or not you are a believer in the process is not important. It is truth that is important. Thank you for the opportunity to interact directly with such highly evolved spirits!" -C.N.

"I experienced a very high vibration for hours after last night's amazing talk with The Power of 10. Definitely will go down as one of the most memorable evenings ever." -Holly Troutt

"Listening to The Power of 10 was awesome! Many hilarious moments! I learned so much through the wisdom imparted. I highly recommend going to one or more of these events!" -Cathy Pinder

"I loved the seeds that were planted on the knowledge I already had." -B.K.

"A phenomenal experience!" -K.J.W.

“The ‘Spirit Connection’ event with Medium Michelle Paisley Reed was held at the Center for Spiritual Living, Corona on September 13. Members of our congregation, as well as others from this community, came, and some were skeptical at who Medium Michelle was and if she REALLY had the gift to communicate with their loved ones from the ‘other side.’

At the start of the event, Michelle made all of us feel comfortable as she shared her own story of how her gift revealed itself. She truly made the ‘soul connection’ with everyone there. 

When it was time for her to make the ‘soul connection’ with our loved ones, she was truly ‘right on.’ Many of us made that connection with our loved ones. There were tears, laughter, revelation, peace, and closures that happened that day. The skeptics became believers of her true gift of communication.

Many left that event, touched by their experience and left smiling and at peace. I know I was smiling and at peace with my connection. Some were so moved by what they witnessed they made appointments for a private reading. I myself, also, made an appointment for a private reading, and I was not disappointed.

The group that came that day wants to see her come back, and we welcome her again. Not everyone who claims that they have the gift to communicate, have the gift. But I’m here to tell you that I witnessed this medium's talent, and she truly has the gift.

The soul is immortal and love is the eternality.”
- Rev. Liz Crisostomo, Sr. Minister, CSL Corona

"Hello Beautiful Michelle! Thank you for sharing your most loving, joyful gift, of providing a place for so many to remain in touch with our loved ones who have passed over.  I came away from your reading feeling deeply, deeply blessed to have known, and continue to play and laugh with, my son "C."  I have been rejoicing, laughing, giggling, thanking God for our ongoing relationship…rather than feeling sorry and missing him.  Thanks to you, I am clear that he is carrying on with his supportive, brilliant, selfless teaching and guiding of others.  Thank you, darling Michelle, as I feel much less sadness, with celebration in its place!"
- L.M.

"Hello and sweet blessings-- I thank you for the reading that you performed with me; everything that was said confirmed and resonated with my highest true Self. Bringing forth my grandmother, or should I say my "Nana" as all her grandchildren lovingly referred to her, was insightful and welcomed. Knowing my calling as a spiritual healer, leader, student, mentor, and way-shower is and has always been on track. When I finally made the decision and became receptive to it, it brought an awestruck humbling relief, and with much love I say thank you wonderful Michelle."
- J.B.L.

"I truly enjoyed our time today.  You are a loving and gifted Soul whose light was shining right through my telephone. The reading was more than valuable in so many ways.   I feel uplifted and joyful.   Please continue to follow your journey as your gifts are so important to those who are ready to embrace your messages."
- With Love & Joy, S.K.

"I was absolutely amazed at all of the things Michelle knew about me without my saying a word! She encouraged me to finish writing a book (that she couldn't possibly have known about!) and gave me incredible insight on my marriage. She has inspired me to start meditating more often and to believe it's possible for me to receive intuitive messages. It's only been a couple of weeks and I'm shocked at how right on my intuition has been. Life has already become more exciting and fulfilling for me, and I give Michelle the credit for giving me faith in the universe and myself. I will definitely see her again for another reading!"
- G.D.

"Michelle’s Soul Connection Reading was a phenomenal experience. I have never done anything like this before and in addition to putting me totally at ease, Michelle was spot on with what she picked up about me. She also helped me recognize some positive changes that I need to make in my life and will start working on them immediately. Her love and joy shines through in the reading. She gave me much to think about and touched my heart. Many thanks."
Michelle F.

"Thank you for the amazing session I had with you. You were insightful and very compassionate. When you were able to channel my grandmother and my brother it brought me to tears. This was the first time I had any communication with them even though others said an older women was around me. The information was so helpful and right on. I will definitely follow up to get more information."
- D.B.

"After hearing of a close friend's experience of a group reading with Medium Michelle, I gathered several girlfriends together at my home and invited Michelle for what we hoped would be an enlightening and informative evening.  Michelle did not disappoint.  

Medium Michelle was warm and engaging, and began by telling us how she came to embrace her gift of being able to communicate with spirits.  Her story was personal and moving and also very enlightening.

We started the readings off with a bang because I immediately asked her what the heck was in my bathroom.  (My dog constantly barked every time I entered the bathroom, and my kids felt uncomfortable being in there alone.)  It turns out that an older gentleman named Walter had passed away in my home and when alive, had suffered from prostate issues that had him constantly in and out of the bathroom.  Michelle explained he was confused with dementia when he passed away, and he was  earthbound--searching for his family and hadn't yet crossed over.  We all closed our eyes and everyone felt a tingling sensation as Medium Michelle spoke to Walter and guided him to the light, encouraging him to cross over to the spirit world.  It was an amazing experience to hear of his finding his way to the other side and being embraced by the loved ones he was searching for.  By the way, it's been nearly two weeks since the reading and my dog hasn't barked a single time, nor has the light flickered on and off as it has since I moved into my home three years ago.

Everyone had an incredible time, hearing both messages from loved ones on the other side, or messages from spirits that were personal and meaningful and moving.  As the host, I felt privileged to share such an intimate experience with my friends and daughters, and my reading was  insightful, spot on, and extremely moving.

I recommend Medium Michelle wholeheartedly, whether it be for a personal reading or a group.  After hearing of our experiences I have a number of friends begging me to arrange another evening with her which is exactly what I plan to do."
- N.P.

"I feel so good today, Michelle... I haven't felt this good mentally and emotionally in a very, very long time. I am almost afraid to say I think I feel normal today! You know I am not used to that, so it's hard to remember the feeling.

After our last talk I felt so much better more about my mom and knowing that she is not upset with me for missing her phone call and not being there when she passed. That took the guilt away that I have been holding onto for over two years.

I love my mom so much, and I'm glad you had the chance to experience her love, too!

I'm still relishing in this new feeling that I am experiencing at the moment. You have done more for me in one hour to begin the journey of healing my soul than I could ever imagine. I just want others to understand and experience this kind of feeling that you have given to me.

I look forward to speaking with you again soon."
- Hugs, Melanie A.