Michelle on "Passion Never Retires" - Click HERE!


So very honored to be a part of this special Telesummit and big thanks to Phoenix Rising Star!

"I loved speaking with Michelle. Her high vibration is captivating and almost intoxicating. Her passion for making a difference in the world supersedes everything she does, and she shares the messages from The Power of 10 generously in order to help the planet be a better place. Email me and tell me what your biggest takeaway from this interview is! I’m really looking forward to it!"

In this interview you’ll learn:
How saying ‘yes’ to the invitation from her spiritual guidance propelled her into repurposing herself; how her near death experience actually removed her ultimate fear and how that has changed her; the one thing that Michelle now does that opens more doors to opportunities than anything else; the main message behind The Power of 10; and two easy ways to empower yourself to change!


We had so much fun on the first podcast, the wonderful souls at Enlighten Up had us back! This time, we talked about your "frequency family" and some other great topics! Listen HERE.

Don't miss the first  2 part episode on CHANNELING.

Part 1 <> Part 2

AWESOME podcast! Big thanks to Nicole, Lisa, and Michael for having us on the show! Please listen when you have a little time...SO FUN! Also available on iTunes HERE.


FANTASTIC podcast interview by the amazing Isabelle Bridges Boesch on being a "manifesting mama!" Be sure to join her mom-me circle if you're a parent on Facebook... She starts off with the most BEAUTIFUL opening meditation, followed by a journal prompt, then our talk. ENJOY!