It's Not About the Money

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To the many, many well-intentioned “Law of Attraction” groups out there: you’ve got it all backwards.

It’s NOT the money you want. It’s not the images of dollars floating through your screen.

It’s NOT even the fancy cars and mansions you want, if you really think about it. Those are simply “passing fancies” that might make you temporarily “happy,” but not permanently blissful, right?

Not that owning beautiful things is “bad.” According to The Power of 10, there is no such thing as bad or good, only your judgment and perception makes it so.

Manifesting money is the “easy” part. Believe you deserve it, imagine having it, and act the way you would when you have it.

It’s never the paper money or silver or gold coins you want, AND it’s not even about what you might DO with the money. The million dollar question is, “How will you FEEL?”

If you answered that question in your head already—GOOD! Now go do whatever else makes you feel THAT. You will then be in alignment with the energetic frequency of what you want by tuning into how you feel.

Is it freedom you want? How does freedom feel for you? What does it look like? When you are truly free, what will you be doing and how will you be acting? Who will be in your life?

Can you do some of this WITHOUT a full bank account?

For example, freedom for ME feels like swimming. In the pool, I feel like I’m flying and not worried about anything at all.

We currently live on a hill that precludes a pool. At first, I bought a baby pool to put on our driveway and pretend I’m at a fancy, exotic resort.

But I just felt hot and sweaty because I couldn’t do laps or float in my baby pool, haha!

So I joined a local gym with a pool. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was an investment in my “freedom” emotions that I KNEW would take me to a more elevated vibration consistently. So I took a leap of faith and joined.

There is absolutely nothing I love more than going to that gym! I recently started doing Zumba again, and dancing ALSO makes me feel free! In this state of freedom, I have met others at the gym who feel free to me, those who are supportive of my growth and expansion.

In this new state of freedom, I imagined lounging around the pool in a tropical resort in Curacao. Please note: I did not currently have the funds to travel to the Caribbean. But without focusing on “HOW” I might get there, I just marinated in the emotions of already being in the sun and relaxing in my bathing suit. Inner peace, you know, equates freedom.

Shortly after, I received an email request to teach yoga at a 5-star resort in Curacao—the only “catch” was I needed to also teach aqua aerobics. So now I am going almost daily to my gym to train in aqua aerobics, which has made me stronger and leaner and energized—ALSO synonymous with freedom!

Are you seeing how this works? Manifesting isn’t all that mysterious or “woo woo” at all. You simply must align with what it is you desire, and REALIZE that what you desire isn’t usually tangible, it’s BEYOND the tangible.

In this way, you create more feelings of fulfillment and harmony, which “infect” those around you like a positive contagion! They don’t even NEED to be in your physical presence, because we are ALL connected in consciousness, you see. When you fill your cup with inner peace and freedom, you do it for everyone. When you do it for everyone, you’ll start witnessing a more peaceful society and world, and isn’t THAT the bigger picture of what you want?

When you start wanting evidence of a peaceful existence MORE than you want “stuff,” funny enough, more stuff and adventures and opportunities and positive relationships are DRAWN toward you! Isn’t that awesome?! And then you can choose to give it away, because you KNOW you can create at will.

The Universe is not Santa Claus, I hate to break it to you. The Universe is not a person, and that’s a GOOD thing, as it does not have the ego assigned to a human being. The Universe is an unlimited flow of positive, forward-moving momentum, made up of unconditional Love and blinding Light that you couldn’t handle within the confines of your body.

But when you die, you CAN handle the Light. And you’ve been a Light-body more times than you’ve carried around an earthly body, so act like it. Act like a soul, with all the brightness of the Universe flowing through you in order to create form from thought, and you will see it happen in this lifetime.

When you die, you no longer are afraid of death, right? No one can harm your body because you don’t have one anymore! No one can judge you because you also don’t own any belongings.

From this perspective, your problems might seem silly, right? Well they are. Your problems are just questions to the Divine answers you seek, says The Power of 10. Stand in the solution, and you’re halfway there. And the solution is, you are already free. You are already whole.

Can you act like this? Can you stop telling other people that you are “broke”?  Can you stop attaching a story to your suffering, telling everyone how it’s your trauma that’s holding you back?

Guess what. We all have a story—every single one of us. And I have a lot of compassion for your story—I really do. I have a pain story of my own.

The difference is I chose to use that story as fuel for my growth. When I’m sick, I ask how “well Michelle” is behaving—another dimension of myself I can choose to tap into at any time! When I feel poor, I ask how “rich Michelle” feels, and I become HER. When I feel victimized and powerless, I ask how “empowered Michelle” acts in the world, and I go do what she would do, and then I feel how she feels, and then I manifest from THAT higher place…

Try it, and pm me when you’re ready to play on a much higher plane. Or sign up for our free masterclass, “Your Life Repurposed: How to Clarify Your Calling Without Hard Work or Hustle” at and let’s take you to your next level the easy way.

It’s not, and never has been, about the money.