Expensive vs. Expansive

Money is a mindset.

We all know this, right? At least the people I tend to hang out with understand that money is just another form of energy, and the more you lift your energetic levels, the more examples of abundance and prosperity show up in your life in the form of things, opportunities, and adventures.

I KNOW this, channeled an internationally bestselling book on it, and yet, just yesterday as my husband and I were kayaking to the ramp at the end of a fun lake excursion, we noted a trio of women who were launching two inflatable stand up paddle boards. They caught my eye, because I had been considering buying one of these, and I’d wondered if they were stiff enough to stand on steadily. I liked the idea of being able to fit one in my little sports car instead of taking our truck or putting a rack on the roof.

These ladies were having one heck of a time with the boards. The pump was broken, and one of the boards was leaking badly. There was my answer, and I was thankful to witness an example of this contrast before I made my purchase.

I asked the women what they thought of the SUPs and after a flurry of complaints, I said that I had not bought a traditional board because they were “too expensive.” They looked at me funny, as they had rented their boards instead of purchasing them. But after those words came out of my mouth, I realized how limiting they were and how often I used them.

Today, while doing yoga and some hiking, those words “too expensive” returned to haunt me. What does that even mean? Too expensive for WHAT? Isn’t that term relative and fear-based? When I was a kid, my mother used those words with seemingly everything we saw, and I learned by example that what I wanted was not for me. Then I watched her prioritize things she felt she needed over what I felt I needed.

This isn’t to blame my mom. I’ve likely done it to my own kids, especially when they were little, and I was a single mom and they wanted everything in the store. We were, after all, on a budget, and I wanted my kids to know the value of money.

On one of The Power of 10’s recordings they say that “one man’s dollar is another man’s million dollars.” In other words, the value of money is simply based on relative perception. Your perception changes based on your belief systems, which is based on your thoughts.

I decided just today to say “expansive” instead of “expensive,” for isn’t that first term more representative that what I want is within reach, that the playing field is wide open instead of closed off?

If I want a stand up paddle board and I deem it “too expensive” my mind will never allow me to enjoy that SUP experience. If instead, I call that SUP experience “expansive,” as in expanding my current belief system that I can, indeed, have anything I want, and I continue to see myself enjoying the view from my SUP and feel the emotions of joy and freedom associated with my SUP, it will come sooner than expected. At least that’s my new theory.

Want to try it out with me? C’mon, let’s have a little fun with this. What’s one thing you want that you currently keep telling yourself is too expensive? Start saying to yourself and everyone in your midst that that thing that you want that appears to be outside of your current reach is, in fact, expansive. Try it and report back to me to see if it works. Have fun with this!

As for me, I’m gonna go rent a SUP for now.

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