Living the Dream...

I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Not as in, “someday when I grow up” I want to be a writer—more like I don’t remember a time when I did NOT consider myself to be a writer.

It feels like I’ve been writing the moment I learned to talk, although that sounds impossible. Throughout my life, people have told me that becoming a successful writer was indeed impossible, but I never, ever believed them. How could I NOT be successful at something I already WAS?!

As a kid, I drafted up the first neighborhood “newspaper.” When I became a teen, I filled up books of poetry, and some of my poems and essays got published nationally! (Seventeen Magazine published my “Unicorn and Pegasus” fantasy poem, lol). I was the copy editor at my high school newspaper, and then in college I majored in English, simply because I loved reading and writing.

There were those who made fun of me being an English major, telling me I’d never get a job. But I didn’t care. The more I studied language, the more I fell in love with it!

Straight out of college, I got a job at a small newspaper, and within a year, I worked for a much larger newspaper. Within months, they promoted me to Features Editor, and I was only in my mid-20’s!

But I still longed to write a book. I wrote a lot of “half-books” that I never finished, then watched as my ideas/inspirations took hold of other writers (we’re all connected, you know). I may have always felt like a writer, but even after I manifested a book deal with a large traditional publisher and my first non-fiction book sold well internationally, I had a tough time calling myself an “author.” It was probably a self-esteem thing, looking back.

Even AFTER the success of that first yoga book, I longed to write a fiction novel, but my publisher didn’t do fiction. People thought I was dumb for changing genres, but again, I didn’t care! I loved the process of creating pretend characters based on the various qualities and personality quirks of people I knew, developing themes, immersing myself in their stories…How FUN! It was SO much fun, that I didn’t even think about whether it got published or not. So of course, it did—through more seemingly random synchronicities that occur when we learn to get out of our own way and don’t feel desperate.

After two more books, I seemingly took another left turn by writing screenplays. I loved the film genre so very much that I wrote five of them (one stinks, so it probably shouldn’t count). I came very close to selling them, but in the process, I made valuable connections and gained skills that helped me later land our new upcoming reality TV show, “Don’t Change The Channel.”

And then, as spiritual evolution would have it, I started channeling The Power of 10. One morning, just a few months after I began receiving this profound wisdom, I heard a voice clearly tell me it was time to write a book (at 6 a.m. sharp! And I’m SO not a morning person). I let my hands sleepily hover over my laptop, believing my spirit guides would do all the work for me, but no one animated my fingers—haha. I simply, clairaudiently, heard them dictate their words in my head, and I obediently transcribed what they said.

This whole channeling process was a MUCH quicker way to write manuscripts, I found. The text came out nearly perfect, speeding up the editing process substantially. I watched—amazed—as our first book together became a #1 Amazon International bestseller in the U.K.! And the second one quickly followed suit in the U.S. I can’t WAIT to see what happens with the next book (due in December 2017 to allow time for industry reviewers).

Why am I writing about this journey? I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s to inspire you to write, although it may. My point is that there is a calling inside of you that won’t shut up until you listen to it, if you quiet your mind long enough to hear it. I didn’t choose writing as my creative outlet, it chose me.

Maybe your “thing” is art, or music, or designing buildings, or teaching. Maybe you long to own a business or become an entrepreneur or inventor…does it really matter? When you follow the inner longings of your soul, you’re sure to be a success! Money or fame or celebrity isn’t the gauge, it’s how you FEEL while doing it. (Although realizing time/money freedom has been a total game changer, and enabled me to give back in spades!)

When I’m writing, whether it’s channeled or not, I feel FREE and ALIVE and ON PURPOSE. What makes YOU feel like that? What higher path can you channel through your body?

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