Becoming a Fearless “Badass”—What does that even mean?

Someone posted the other day that she wanted to be as fearless as me.

To which, I spit out my coffee, laughing.

While that’s a very nice sentiment/compliment, and actually pretty awesome that I might come across that way on social media, much of the time I’m as full of doubts and fears as the rest of us.

What’s different, perhaps, is that I don’t let fear stop me—I do “it” anyway.

What’s different is that I’ve had a near death experience, and so I know what it FEELS like to be fearless. As a medium and channel, I get glimpses into that dimension all the time. When we die, there is zero fear. The fear belongs to our bodies on this planet. (I learned that from “The Power of 10,” btw).

Most of my fear, I’m learning, is from feeling judged and mocked (thus the name of our upcoming TV show, “Don’t Change The Channel.”) Can you relate? Why is it so damn important to get everyone’s approval?

For sure, there will be some you vibe with. Meeting them is easy and as natural as breathing. You may ride the same energetic wavelength for a day or a lifetime. Frequencies change, you know.

And there will be many, many others—called “haters” these days—who will not like to be within the same wavelength as you, whether it’s higher or lower. Doesn’t matter. When you’re “off,” you feel it in your body.

Move away. Gravitate toward those who uplift you, and your life will be filled more with LOVE—your natural state between lifetimes—than hate. The fear will dissipate as you feel supported, by your inner being as well as those in your midst who share your positive, forward-moving trajectory. (Yet another Powerof10-ism—I can’t help it.)

Does that make you a “bad ass” when you reach that point of LESS fear? I dunno. Being a word geek, I’m not sure I want to be labeled as either “bad” or an “ass,” lol. Thus is the nature of our new vernacular.

I do, however, enjoy being seen as an inspirational example of how to live a great life, regardless of fear. I do, however, love it when other people imagine—from their limited perspective of who I truly am—that I’m living out the highest and best version of myself. I’m NOT a fan of when they copy me verbatim, although I suppose that could be seen as an awkward sort of compliment. I want for YOU to live out the best and highest most CREATIVE version of your individual SOUL, not expressing someone else’s version of fun and freedom. That’s for YOU to decide—we all have been given the gift of free will, after all.

You know what’s really cool? (Do people still say “cool”? There I go, wondering if you’re going to judge me for sounding old, haha) What’s really cool/awesome/amazing is when I step boldly into the higher Truth of who I really am—a being of pure Light encapsulated temporarily within the “house” of a body—and shine and radiate this as strongly as the sun. When I do that, even for a little bit, I don’t have to “try” to do anything else, you see. I just shine, and the people who currently “match” me show up and we love on each other with abandon (where did the term “abandon” come from, anyway? How about without restrictions?).

I’m finding that out now as we just launched our “Your Life Repurposed” online channeled coaching program with doing kick ass (another “ass” word) webinars that are getting a whole HECK of a lot of attention. I’m receiving TONS of heartfelt, moving applications to be a part of this assembling tribe of people wanting to reach their BLISS together. It’s awesome. When we chat on the phone, it’s easy. Those who fit, fit, and those who don’t, don’t. And that’s okay.

I’m so loving every moment of this journey! Do people still think I’m a freak for channeling my spirit guide’s wisdom? Probably, although not as much to my face anymore, lol. Do I care? Sometimes, if I’m honest. But the benefits of showing up and being fully me in this lifetime, with all my gifts AND human flaws, outweigh the cons of being balled up in fear over how other people allegedly perceive me.

I adore my spirit guides!  I love that after decades of a dedicated meditation and yoga practice I can very quickly get out of my own way, put aside the ole’ ego for a bit, and allow the teachings to come through from a non-jaded perspective. If that makes me weird, so be it. I’ll be surrounded by other weirdos who want the same things out of life and beyond…those with the same curiosities and hopes.

And when I reach the point of being fearless while still here on planet earth, I’ll let you know.

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