Love your Mondays...

Man, I used to hate Mondays…

When I was stuck in a job that was no longer fulfilling and a relationship that was going nowhere, my health and well-being suffered. I lived for the weekends, which I usually spent catching up on sleep or spending my hard-earned money shopping.

Fast forward to NOW. I enjoy complete and total time/money freedom, the way nature intended! I can go jump in a lake midweek when there are no crowds--or climb a mountain, or have coffee with a friend, because my schedule is MINE to do with what I want! Every single day feels like “Friday” used to.

And it was EASY…not HARD, like everyone says it’s supposed to be. I followed my heart, my soul, my intuitive guidance and found a way to teach what I’m learning, to give back from a place of being authentically FULL.

Here’s the cool part: I don’t NEED to do anything! We don’t NEED to lead any webinars, although we WANT to because they’re fun. I’m already an internationally bestselling author with a reality TV show on the way, so I don’t need to be any more successful. I already feel successful! I am simply walking my talk, sharing what I’m learning, and allowing others to do the same, by giving them direct intimate access to the higher wisdom of my guides.

It feels good to give! It always, always comes back to me tenfold, although that’s not why I do it. If more people gave of themselves freely, we’d enjoy a peace-filled world. Isn’t that the goal? If more people truly understood that we are all connected, one Spirit expressing itself through different creative souls, we’d probably all live a life of meaning and service.

If you share these intentions, when you’re truly ready to commit to the next big step in your soul’s evolution toward time-money freedom, please sign up to watch one of our free introductory online workshops at To learn more about me and my spirit guides, please visit